Linedancer Crystal Boot awards Norbreck Hotel, Blackpool

Category                               Winner

Dedicated Dance Artist           Natalie Thurlow                                              Dances Of The Year 2014  

Line Dance DJ of the Year       Dave Baycroft                                                Absolute Beginner-Lets Dance Forever   Peter and Alison

Dance Personality (Male)         Craig Bennett                                                Beginner- Got My Baby Back     Maggie ‘G’

Dance Personality (Female       Rachael McEnaney                                         Improver- Wagon Wheel Rock   Yvonne Anderson

International Instructor            Ria Vos                                                         Intermediate-  Wow Tokyo      Kate Sala,Ria Vos &TLD

UK Instructor                            Rachael McEnaney                                       Advanced-   Blurred Lines Anjay Centano & Racheal McEnany

International Choreographer     Ria Vos                                                        Dance of the Year- Wow Tokyo   Kate Sala, Ria Vos & TLD

UK Choreographer                     Rachael McEnaney

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Dance of the year Award