Begin Linedancing with the Rugeley Rednecks

Welcome to our beginners page.

Linedancing is a great way to keep fit, you can do as much or as little as you want. It is recommended by many doctors, as it gives gentle exercise, and is good for keeping your joints supple and exercising your muscles.

Linedancing is also good for exercising your memory. Dances are graded by difficulty, from Beginner to Advanced. Having learned and practiced the basic steps, you can progress at your own pace. Beginner dances are not difficult to learn, and with a bit of practice you will be enjoying the dance floor with everyone else. The more advanced dances take more time and practice but you will not be expected to do anything above your level, remember, we are enjoying ourselves, you are not in competition with anyone else, so whether you like modern or country music or both, there will be some lovely music to dance to.

Things to remember:

1) Wear the right shoes, dance floors can be a bit slippy, trainers or soft shoes should be ok, if you are not sure, just ask Pauline, and she will advise you.

2) Bring something to drink or you can visit the club bar, exercise will make you warm and you will need to replace lost fluids. Non-alcoholic squashes are best or just water does fine when you are thirsty.

3) Bring a smile, don't take it to seriously, we have a fun evening and we hope you will too, if there are any details you are not sure of, give Pauline a ring on 01889 577981. We look forward to see you.

When you start linedancing, please don't expect to do all the dances in one night, if you come away knowing one or two, that's fine, even if it seems all to much and you forget what was taught, that's also fine, we have all been beginners at some time and we know exactly how you feel, in fact we have been dancing for years and we still get dances wrong. Practice what you know and don't worry if you forget the dances, you will go over them many, many times again, and if there is anything you are not sure of, don't be afraid to ask.The first few weeks are the hardest, but then everything starts to drop into place as you get used to the steps, and before you know it, you know a few dances and away you go. If you are not sure of a dance, just sit and watch how it goes, you can join in anytime. Just remember, if there is something you find difficult, there will always somebody else in the same boat, just have a laugh and try again.

According to an interview on BBC Radio 4, Linedancing is the second most popular recreation in the UK, our website has over 260,000 visitors every year, from every corner of the world, Linedancer Magazine website has millions of visitors, linedancing is popular worldwide so why not see what it's all about.