In these difficult times we are looking back over the years we have been linedancing, and are having another look at the many wonderful dances that have been, and gone, over many years. the rush to do the latest dance has left behind many lovely dances to unforgettable tracks. Have a look at the ones we show here and although your class may not be active at the moment, the experienced dancer amongst us will remember some of these.

 The latest addition below is a good dance from 2012 called ‘7 Up’ by Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie, enjoy.


Be Strong by Audrey Watson  step sheet  video

Don’t Feel Like Dancing  by Pat Stott step sheet  video

It’s up To You by Kim Ray  step sheet  video

Dancing On The Ceiling by Paul clifton  step sheet   video

Bosa Nova by Phil Dennington step sheet  video

Celtic Lady by Yvonne Anderson  step sheet  video

Speechless by Tom Mickers danced by Rachael McEnaney   step sheet   video

Rolling in the Deep by Maggie ‘G’  step sheet   video

Turn Me Loose by Simon Ward  step sheet  video

Pumpin’ For love by Nevile Fitgerald  step sheet  video

Wagon Wheel Rock by Yvonne Anderson  step sheet  video

River of Dreams by Charlotte Skeeters step sheet  video

Push The Button by Alison and Peter step sheet video

Real World by Ruthie B  step sheet  video

Fireball by Kate Sala  step sheet  video

Poker Face by Craig bennett  step sheet  video

Champagne Promise by Tina Argyle  step sheet  video

Rock and Roll Music by Rachael McEnaney-White  step sheet  video

Drive By by Daniel Whittaker step sheet  video

7 Up by kate sala and Robbie McGowan Hickie  step sheet  video