Have a look at our dances. We hope you enjoy your visit, and these video's give you some idea of the steps, how they fit to the music and where the tags/bridges fit in. We add dances every week. we would love to have your comments, and any suggestions you may have, are very welcome.


Our Latest


I Close My Eyes by Hazel Pace  step sheet  video

Wow Tokyo by Kate Sala & Ria Vos  step sheet  Video

Syncopated Rhythm by Rob Fowler  step sheet Video

UP by Peter & Alison  step sheet  video

Clap Snap by Philip Sobrielo & rebecca Lee  step sheet  video

Cliché  by Kate Sala  step sheet  video

Ballymore Boys from Dynamite Dot  step sheet video

All I Need To Know by Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher step sheet  video

Day Of The Dead by Dan Albro  step sheet  video

Bonaparte’s Retreat by Maddison Glover step sheet  video

Willpower by Robbie McGowan Hickie   step sheet   video

Soul Shake by Fred Whitehouse  step sheet   video

Sound Of Silence by Guyton Mundy  step sheet  video

Army Of Two by Karl-Harry Winson  step sheet  video

Kiss & Tell by Roy Verdonk, Kate Sala, Rob Fowler & Jef Camps  step sheet  video

The Queen by Remi Lemaire,Guillaume Richard, Gaetan Bachellerie step sheeet video

Wintergreen by Maggie Gallagher  step sheet  video

Onlinedancer interview with robbie McGowan Hickie 2009

Amame by Robbie McGowan Hickie  step sheet  video

Home to Donegall by Heather Barton & Niels Poulsen step sheet  video

Love Remains by Gary O’Reilly  step sheet  video

50 Ways by Pat Stott  step sheet  video

Run Me like A River  step sheet  video

No Sun on Sunday  by Niels Poulson  step sheet  video

Solo Amor by Rob Fowler  step sheet  video

Creepin Up On You by Peter and Alison  step sheet video

Dance with Me Tonight by Peter and Alison step sheet  video

Still Love Me Tomorrow by Rachael McEnaney step sheet  video

Whiskey Tango by Kate Sala  step sheet  video

Better When I’m Dancin by Julia Wetzel step sheet  video

Dance Le Tango by Pat Stott  step sheet  video

Recovering by Guillaume Richard step sheet  video

The Rush by Peter and Alison  step sheet  video

Boots by Maddison Glover  step sheet  video

Fire on Ice by Kate Sala   step sheet  video

Day Of The Dead by Dan Albro  step sheet  video

Ain’t Got No Money by Neville Fitgerald & Julie Harris  step sheet  video

Havana Ooh Na Na by Julie Wetzel  step sheet  video